Site Notes

...on browser compatability

Face it folks, IE6 needs consigning to the dustbin of history. The sooner the better. It just can't cope with even some of the more basic CSS. My website therefore doesn't look too good in it. It's usable if you need to, but I recommend getting a better browser (one of the few areas where the US Government and I agree). I'm a free software geek, so I recommend that firefox thing you've been hearing about (If you are on *nix or MacOS X you can also use KHTML based browsers such as Conquorer or Safari). If you must stick with a proprietry offering, Opera can't go far wrong. If you absolutely love that bug ridden, standards busting piece of shit offering from Microsoft, then please, please, please, go get IE7.

...on the code

This site has been encoded entirely by me with one notable exception. Yes, I've shamelessly included the Magpie RSS RSS parser for my blog and feed (I'm sorry, but RSS is hideous, just plain hideous!).

...on the license

Everything I write on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributeNon-CommercialShare-Alike 3.0 License. You are therefore free to use and modify my work in your own, as long as it isn't commercial work (email me for more details/permission), you acknowledge that you've used my work and you allow others to use the derived work similarly.

One final thing to say is that if you do use my work, I'd like to know about it. I have an ego - please stoke it!